• 07.25.16

Facebook reportedly wants to open big office in San Francisco

Not long ago, during a meeting in San Francisco’s SoMa district, my phone signed on to a Wi-Fi network it recognized: fbguest. Since I’d been to Facebook‘s headquarters in Silicon Valley’s Menlo Park, and logged on to the Wi-Fi there, my phone recognized the access point’s name and password, since Facebook uses the same guest network at all its offices.

There was just one problem: Facebook doesn’t have an office in San Francisco. That may soon change.

According to the San Francisco Business Times, the social-networking giant is mulling opening a major office in the City By The Bay, potentially as much as hundreds of thousands of square feet. 

“Sources stressed that the tech giant’s real estate plans in San Francisco are very preliminary,” the Business Times wrote, “and could end up being discarded in favor of more growth in Menlo Park.”

As for that Wi-Fi network? I asked Facebook about it at the time, and they were stumped. The best guess was that it was a relic from Instagram‘s original offices, which were located just feet from where I’d been sitting.DT