Analysts: These are the new features that will make you upgrade to the iPhone 7 this fall

According to a new Deutsche Bank report today, which sounds truthy considering what Fast Company sources have already said, the new iPhone 7 will lure consumers to upgrade from their old iPhones—even iPhone 6s’s—with these new features: 

A new Home button with Force Touch (This means the user can push the button with various pressure levels, which may open different screens or bring up different menus. The button may use haptic feedback to simulate a “click” when the hardest pressure level is reached.)

•Improved camera with optical image stabilization

•An additional (stereo) speaker, facilitated by the removal of the 3.5mm analog headphone jack. (New phones will come with an adaptor so that older headphones can plug into the Lightning port.)

•”Professional-class” waterproofing

•One additional new color

•The 7 Plus will have 3GB of memory

•Redesigned plastic antenna inlays at the top and bottom of the phone, as shown in the above leaked image from the Conceptsiphone Facebook page.

Assuming all this is true, will it be enough to get you to part with your iPhone 6s? You may remember that iPhone 6s sales sagged because the device simply didn’t offer enough material improvements over its predecessor the blockbuster iPhone 6. MS