• 07.22.16

Ivanka Trump’s speech about her father’s women-friendly policies was “clearly disingenuous,” activists say

Lyin’ Ivanka made up dad’s pro-women policies! Sad!

Last night, as Ivanka Trump took to the RNC stage, she tried to appeal to women voters by making the case that her father was a champion of women in the workplace.

Activists say her speech was total bunk. Take Vivien Labaton, cofounder and co-executive director of Make It Work, an organization that is seeking to make policies that help working families front and center in the 2016 election. “Ivanka’s speech was clearly disingenuous,” Labaton says. “A lot of things that he has said about women in the workplace and many things he has done has shown that he is certainly not their champion. Ivanka knows—like we all do—that it’s important for him to get women to vote for him.”

Labaton points to the fact that Trump pays women on his campaign less than men. On the issue of equal pay, he’s said, “You’re gonna make the same if you do as good a job.” 

When a Make It Work grassroots leader in Iowa asked Trump about his views on affordable childcare, he was dismissive and condescending, Labaton says. At that same event, he told reporters, “You know it’s not expensive for a company to do (child care), you need one person or two people and you need some blocks, you need some swings, you need some toys.” 

“Not only does this show that he has never cared for a child,” Labaton says. “But certainly it’s out of touch with what kinds of policies working families need to make quality child care affordable and accessible.”ES