• 07.22.16

Morning intel: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Peter Thiel tells RNC “I am proud to be gay”

• Following an introduction by his daughter Ivanka, Donald Trump closed out the RNC last night with a 75-minute speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination. 

• Earlier in the night, Silicon Valley heavyweight Peter Thiel endorsed Trump in a speech that said he is “proud to be gay” and dubbed the transgender bathroom debate “a distraction from our real problems.”

Five suspects have been charged with planning and offering logistical support for last week’s attacks in Nice, France. 

• During its quarterly earnings report last night, Chipotle showed it was once again profitable, but its sales figures—down 23.6% year-over-year—still have not recovered following the company’s food safety scandal. 

• Coming up next week: The Democratic National Convention kicks off Monday, prior to which Hillary Clinton will announce her running mate. PM