My Favorite Bookmarks – Barbara Reinhold

Who: Director of the career office at Smith College and a career coach for




Surfing Manifesto: I search for links that help people get better control of their work lives.

CEO Express

This site offers busy execs fast, easy access to all that they need to know.

Career Vectors System

Don’t forget self-assessment — the first step to career satisfaction. For a small fee, you can get an in-depth analysis of your preferences, as well as links to career-info databases.

A hub for freelancers, consultants, and independents.

Idea Cafe

Startup ideas and support for people who want to “break out.”

I’m biased, but you can’t beat the range of advice that offers on career management.

The Riley Guide

A terrific research site for people who want info on a specific field, industry, or organization. Includes links to lots of nonprofits and associations.

Working Solo

Great resources, links, and FAQs on the nitty-gritty of going solo.