Donald Trump’s dumb take on cybersecurity will make you laugh, then get scared

I thought Senator Diane Feinstein was out of the loop (after her goofy take on encryption earlier this year), but she’s a genius compared to Donald Trump on tech issues. The Donald gave an interview to David Sanger and Maggie Haberman in today’s The New York Times, and his answers to basic cybersecurity questions are baffling to say the least. 

SANGER: We’re under regular cyberattack. Would you use cyberweapons before you used military force?

TRUMP: Cyber is absolutely a thing of the future and the present. Look, we’re under cyberattack, forget about them. And we don’t even know where it’s coming from.

SANGER: Some days we do, and some days we don’t.

TRUMP: Because we’re obsolete. Right now, Russia and China in particular and other places.

SANGER: Would you support the United States’ not only developing as we are but fielding cyberweapons as an alternative?

TRUMP: Yes. I am a fan of the future, and cyber is the future.

And if you think cybersecurity is a fringe issue, well, it could be the thing that starts the next world war. The really troubling thing about this, as Matthew Yglesias at Vox points out, is that Trump has had plenty of time and plenty of access to smart people to get prepared on this and other issues. But even now that he’s one election away from the presidency, he can’t seem to make the time to do it.

When is Trump’s Katie Couric moment, when he’s totally exposed as a know-nothing? Well, it probably won’t really happen, because it just wouldn’t matter.

[Photo: ABC/ Ida Mae Astute]  MS