• 07.21.16

Chobani creates a Chief Creative Officer role

It’s a common position in tech and fashion brands, but yogurt?

Today, Chobani announces that it has hired Leland Maschmeyer for a newly created chief creative officer role. Prior to this, Maschmeyer cofounded the brand consultancy Collins, which has taken on such projects as redesigning Vitaminwater and helping to build Spotify‘s brand.  

Chobani wants to set itself apart in the yogurt space—and the consumer packaged goods industry more broadly—as a brand that is creative through and through. Peter McGuinness, Chobani’s CMO, says this new role will encompass everything from marketing to social media to the very design of the yogurt containers. “This role is really about empowering every person who works for Chobani to be creative in what they do,” McGuinness says.

Maschemeyer tells Fast Company he was drawn to Chobani because he felt strongly about the brand’s mission to give people delicious, nutritious food for a healthier lifestyle. He points out that the company is doing better than ever. (It currently has a 20% market share of the overall yogurt category and 36.7% of the overall Greek yogurt category, according to Nielsen.)

“It’s already an iconic, innovative brand,” Maschemeyer says. “My job is to incorporate this creativity into the company’s process.”

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