• 07.20.16

Ted Cruz veers way off script at Republican National Convention

Texas senator Ted Cruz stole the spotlight on the third night of the Republican National Convention by telling the audience in Cleveland, and millions of television viewers, to “vote your conscience.” In an unusual snub, he did not directly endorse Donald Trump.

The audience booed loudly as Cruz’s speech came to a close, a moment that underscored the identity crisis facing the GOP, and showed that the convention organizers—still reeling from the bad publicity surrounding Melania Trump’s speech—lacked full control of the stage.

Cruz was reportedly supposed to speak for just 10 minutes, instead he was on stage for more than 20—until Trump appeared on the side of the stage and drew attention away from Cruz. Nevertheless, the senator managed to overshadow the night’s main speaker, vice presidential nominee Mike Pence.

Here’s the full text of Ted Cruz’s speech.