• 07.18.16

What to expect from Yahoo’s Q2 earnings report

Everyone wants to know what’s going on with Yahoo. The company is reportedly in its final throes, with a sale impending soon. But there are still lots of questions: Who is buying Yahoo? For how much? And what will become of the company’s head, Marissa Mayer? We’re hoping this afternoon’s report will help clear some of this up. Here’s what you need to know:

• As of writing, Yahoo’s stock has inched up a bit after opening trading at $37.64 this morning.

Earnings are down nearly 50% year-over-year, according to estimates. Analysts project earnings of $0.10 on revenue of $1.08 billion for the second quarter.

• Sell, sell, sell. As I said earlier, everyone wants to know who will buy Yahoo. Final bids for the company’s core business are coming in today, according to Recode, so we should have some answers before the end of the month. Right now, AT&T, Verizon, Quicken Loans, and Berkshire Hathaway are rumored to be bidders. 

• One final question is: What will be Marissa Mayer’s role in all of this, and when will she finally depart Yahoo? She’s apparently not leading the company’s sale anymore, in part because of her reluctance to finalize a sale that will likely result in her ousting. (It doesn’t help that the Yahoo patents she had hoped to sell for around $4 billion may not be worth much, according to a new report.) But it’s possible Mayer may hang on to help transition the company over to its new owner.RR