Betabrand couldn’t beat Pokémon, so it joined Pokémon

Betabrand’s San Francisco store has been outfitted with pictures of Pokémon, describing itself as an “Official Pokéstop.”

As CEO Chris Lindland explained: 

By Tuesday, I’d already lost my employees’ attention to the game, so if you can’t beat Pokemon, join Pokemon. We skinned the store, created a fun photo booth, then set up charging stations and candy bowls for the roving hordes.

By Friday, the skins were in place—a fast turnaround for a brick-and-mortar store. Lindland says the company will be experimenting with fun ways to convert gamers into shoppers all weekend long.

True to its name, Betabrand is about trying out new concepts and is now experimenting with live, fashion-oriented responses to web memes.  “Who knows what will come of this…” he tells Fast Company

So far, people have been flocking to Betabrand’s storefront, so something is working.