Here are the 9 new startups in the 2016 Disney Accelerator

The startups run the gamut of myriad disciplines including cinematic virtual reality, robots with human-like facial expressions, and artificial intelligence, reports TechCrunch.

Ader: a marketplace that matches brands with e-sports influencers

Atom Tickets: a mobile app that allows cinema-goers to buy tickets and concessions in advance with social aspects, including allowing users to invite friends to the movies

Hanson Robotics: a Hong Kong-based creator of human-like robots with a facial expressions

Jaunt VR: a maker of hardware and software tools enable cinematic virtual reality content creation

LittleBits: an educational toy maker that makes easy-to-use electronic building blocks for children

Nom: an online live-streaming video community for foodies


OTOY: a holographic content company working in light-field rendering in relation to AR and VR

Playbuzz: a content-creation platform that focuses on mobile-friendly formats that are optimized for social sharing

Pley: a toy subscription company—think Netflix or RedBox for toys