Protests take over U.S. streets in the wake of a tragic week

Last night, protesters gathered in Atlanta, Phoenix, St. Paul, New York City, Philadelphia, and other cities around the country.

• Thousands of protesters gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, at one point blocking the entrance to the I-75/85 highway at Williams Street, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Mayor Kasim Reed arrived at the protest and reportedly said “We’re gonna let these young people go forward with this protest…We’re respecting their first amendment right and we’re the home of Dr. Martin Luther King.”

• Police in Phoenix, Arizona sprayed activists with pepper spray, according to ABC News.  Arizona State Troopers reported on Twitter that some protesters were throwing rocks at officers.

• In St. Paul, Minnesota, protesters gathered peacefully in front of the governor’s mansion to express discontent over the killing of Philando Castile by police, according to the Washington Post. The governor upheld their right to amass peacefully and did not have the group disbanded. 

Fast Company photo editor Celine Grouard curated some moving photographs of the protests and other instances of Americans coming together after a week of tragedy. You can view them here

• The intern who shot this emotional photo of a police officer and woman consoling one another in a hospital lobby reflected on the image in an interview with the Columbia Journalism Review.RR