The Islamic State’s Twitter traffic is dropping, according to this new report

The Islamic State has seen a 45% decrease in its Twitter traffic over the last two years, the White House told the Associated Press.  The decline is being attributed, at least in part, to the U.S. and allied government’s successful dissemination of messaging and images that decry the Islamic State. Here are some examples of such messages, from the report: 

“Among the images: A teddy bear with Arabic writing and messages saying IS “slaughters childhood,” “kills innocence,” “lashes purity” or “humiliates children.” A male hand covering a female’s mouth, saying IS “deprives woman her voice.” A woman in a black niqab (veil), bloody tears coming from a bruised eye, and the caption: “Women under ISIS. Enslaved. Battered. Beaten. Humiliated. Flogged.”

It’s not just IS activity on Twitter that U.S. officials are targeting in their counter-messaging campaign. The AP also reports on data that indicates a 6:1 ratio of anti-Islamic State messaging to pro-Islamic State content on the Internet, thanks to America’s efforts.

In addition, much of the content now being spread to counter the Islamic State’s propaganda is in Arabic. Early efforts were conducted in English, the AP reports, which may have stalled its effectiveness. RR