Latest updates from the Dallas shooting

The shooting, which took the lives of five police officers, happened last night at the tail end of what should have been a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas. The event has been deemed one of the worst attacks on U.S. law enforcement in the last century. Read previous updates here

Update: Micah Xavier Johnson appears to have been the only gunman involved in the shooting, according to the New York Times. The police had previously taken three suspects into custody.    

•  Johnson, 25, was killed by a robot. After failing to negotiate with the shooter, officers sent a bomb robot to detonate in front of him, Dallas police chief David Brown told reporters. 

• Brown also said that a total of 14 people were shot, two civilians and 12 police officers.

• The protest organizers expressed their condolences and disapproval of the attack. In a Facebook post the Next Generation Action Network said “NGAN, nor its President, Minister Dominique Alexander do not condone violence in any form.” Here’s the full post:

• Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have responded to the shooting: 


Jay Z put out a song about police brutality called Spiritual, which is available on his music streaming network, Tidal. (Beyonce, too, made a statement yesterday with a call to action posted on her website.) 

• Co.Exist editor Jessica Leber shares guidelines for how you can engage with civil rights issues and help put an end to police violence. 

• Even more depressing: Gunmaker Smith & Wesson’s stock is up. This is usually the case after mass shootings, as fear of increased gun control results in greater demand for firearms.