That face mask or mascara emoji you’ve been dreaming about? L’Oreal made it happen

Today, L’Oréal USA launched it’s own keyboard with 130 emojis that relate to beauty. Never again will you be caught online without a virtual representation of getting your nails done, sorting out your highlights or putting on a face mask. “Beaumoji” as L’Oréal is calling it, was designed for its community of beauty enthusiasts, who are clearly also ardent texters. 

To promote even further engagement, the company is inviting consumers to create their own beauty emoji in a design contest. Three will receive a trip to New York for the Beautycon Festival. 

According to L’Oreal, social platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way that consumers relate to the beauty industry. The company leverages social listening tools to tune into these conversations and better understand what consumers are looking for. This is how it realized that there was a gap in the ability to communicate about beauty using the current Unicode keyboard, which includes a small selection of cosmetics-focused icons like lipstick and nail polish.