The Alton Sterling shooting video was recorded by members of an anti-violence activist group

The killing of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, by white police in Baton Rouge has enraged the nation after footage of the killing was captured and released online. As the Washington Post reports, that footage would have never been recorded had not other killings prompted a former gang leader turned anti-violence activist to form a group called Stop the Killing Inc, which listen to police scanners to find and record video of potentially violent confrontations:

The video of the shooting was captured by chance by members of Stop the Killing Inc, a local anti-violence activist group and documentary team that listens to police scanners and shows up at the scene of potentially violent confrontations to take video. A second video that emerged later in Wednesday appeared to show one of the police officers removing a gun from Sterling’s pocket after he was shot.
Stop the Killing Inc.  was founded by Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, a former gang leader turned anti-violence activist, who said that two members of his organization drove to the scene of Sterling’s shooting after hearing police scanner traffic about a potentially violent disturbance. Reed declined to say which member of his team shot the video, or confirm if he himself was present for its recording, citing safety concerns.

NOTE: You can watch the video footage below, but please be warned that it is graphic and will be disturbing to most viewers.