Amazon is definitely opening those NYC bookstores…eventually

Who doesn’t love a slow build? The New York Post reports that Amazon’s super-secret plan to open a bookstore in the Big Apple will finally become a reality . . . by late 2018 or, actually, maybe not until early 2019. The store, which two anonymous sources tell the paper is definitely actually coming, is set to open in the enormous Hudson Yards complex going up on the west side of Manhattan.

Since practically the beginning of recorded history, it’s been whispered that Amazon has been about to break into bricks-and-mortar bookselling any damn day now. After all, though taking the book business digital was Amazon’s founding mission and its launch of the Kindle in 2007 basically conjured up the ebook market out of nothing, the company couldn’t not complete its conquest by gobbling up Barnes & Nobles’s pathetic remains moments before turning a gargantuan profit and swallowing the rest of the known universe in one gulp, right?

It was only a question of how: Would it move into a bunch of up-cycled old RadioShacks? Park itself directly across from the Empire State Building? Or would the push start on college campuses, as major movements are wont to do?

Lately, though, “how” has given way to “when” and “what.” And it seems we’ll have yet another few years to mull it over. When it opens, Amazon’s first NYC bookstore may not look much like the Borders of yesteryear. But we’ll probably be unrecognizable cyborgs by then, too.RB