With Snapchat Memories, you’ll never have to save a Snap again 

Snapchat’s introduction of Memories, a searchable library of all your Snaps and Stories, seems like a ploy to make the app palatable to the olds. It basically creates a camera roll within Snapchat, eliminating the hassle of manually saving posts if you opt to have all your content automatically sent to Memories. 

This is a sea change for Snapchat. It’s a deliberate move away from what seemed to be its mission statement—the idea that everything you posted to Snapchat was ephemeral, unless you remembered to save it immediately (or within 24 hours, as the case may be). 

With this update, you can now add photos from your camera roll or old photos from Memories to your Story, which takes away from the real-time feel of the app. This means users will start seeing more edited, filtered content on Snapchat—and doesn’t that kind of defeat the intended purpose of the app? 

According to BuzzFeed, Memories rolls out today in California and should be available globally within the month.PM