Petri-dish pads help women harvest their vaginal bacteria

Your soap is killing your vaginal microbiome. 

Vaginal bacteria serves an important purpose, helping to prevent and treat Candida yeast infections like thrush. And until now, there wasn’t a easy solution to balance vaginal flora, the way you might take probiotics for your stomach. 

Giulia Tomasello, a London design student at Central Saint Martins, has developed a solution to this quandary. The kit contains an element made of Agar jelly that is full of good bacteria that and is meant to be worn like a sanitary napkin. Placing it in contact with female genitalia allows the healthy bacteria to grow and lowers the pH level in the vagina.

“The kit has been designed to allow women to establish, nurture and harvest their very own personal skin flora at home, becoming not only consumers but also active participants in their own health and wellbeing,” Tomasello told Dezeen.

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