The latest on Hyperloop One: by the numbers

A new study produced by FS Links Ab for L.A.-based Hyperloop One has dropped a handful of interesting numbers related to the company’s development of Elon Musk’s transportation brainchild, reports the Verge:

• A hyperloop connecting Stockholm to Helsinki, which are 300 miles apart, would take only 28 minutes. The current flight time for the same trip is 3.5 hours.

• That hyperloop transit line would cost $21 billion to build.

• Hyperloop One, however, says the large cost would be offset by a rise in property values along the line, improved productivity, and improved shipping.

• This Nordic hyperloop would begin generating an economic surplus after 10 years.

• Assuming 42.7 million passengers ride the Nordic system, it would generate between $969 million and $1.1 billion in ticket sales annually.

• The cost to build it would be 50-60% cheaper than building a comparable high-speed rail line because it requires “less intensive civil engineering, its levitated vehicles produce fewer maintenance issues and its electric propulsion occupies far less of the track than high-speed rail,” according to the company.


• The Nordic line would take 12 years to build, giving it an ETA of somewhere between 2028 and 2030.

[Photo: Hyperloop One]