Survey says Americans are 70% more likely to consider leaving U.S. if Trump is elected 

 It’s that time of the election cycle where everyone is threatening to leave the country if their candidate of choice doesn’t secure the presidency. But how many will actually go? About 40% of Americans say they’ll leave the country if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, according to a report from Transferwise, a platform for sending money internationally. By contrast, only 25.3% of U.S. citizens would consider becoming expats if Hillary Clinton wins. But where will they go? Roughly one in six of those looking to leave would try their luck in Canada.  

Of course every election cycle someone promises to shove off to Canada or some other supposedly better off place (free healthcare! less gun violence!) And while some might be able to pull off the move, as Politifact reported earlier this year, the vast majority will not. The Transferwise publishes its Anchor Index report annually. It’s designed to gauge how tethered Americans are to the U.S. and if they’re likely to move abroad and why. Here are some other tidbits from the survey:

— Millennials have the most wanderlust: the 18-24 and 25-34 segments came in at about 42 and 40 percent respectively while those aged 55 and beyond were more interested in spending their golden years at home (82 percent)
— The Northeast is most content: Americans on the west coast are the most likely to live abroad (35 percent) followed by residents in the midwest (28 percent); residents of the Northeast are the least likely of the US regions to become expats (74 percent plan to never live or work outside of the US)
— Women less likely to become expats: 74 percent of women compared to 67 percent of men were interested in remaining in the U.S.
— More money, more visas: Only 54 percent of respondents earning $­100,000-$149,999 plan to live and work in the U.S. their entire lives, compared to nearly 70 percent of Americans earning $50,000 – $74,000 a year