• 05.31.00

Roadrules – Rule 20

Healthy travels mean happy travels.

Who: TAG Galyean (, principal, TAG Studios


Home Base: Lewisburg, West Virginia

Mileage: 150,000 miles per year

Favorite Destination: Belligo, Italy

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“As an architect, I design luxury resorts, so the places that I visit are quite nice. But getting to those places can be hazardous to my health. Airplanes are a lot like office buildings: They can get ‘sick’ — and make you sick as a result. So I do various things to stay healthy when I’m on the road.”

“When I’m about to leave for a project, I start thinking about my health — and what I’m going to do about staying healthy — at least 24 hours before I get on a plane. I try to pay attention to whether I feel a flu coming on, and I do whatever I can to prevent one. If I do get sick while I’m on the road, I make no apologies to clients for completing my work and going straight back to my hotel room. (Lingering over cigars and cognac doesn’t contribute to good health.)”

“I also drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. And I carry a small spray bottle — a mister — to hydrate my face and eyes. Just as bottled water hydrates your body’s insides, water that is pH-balanced to match your skin’s pH level hydrates your body’s outside. Surprisingly, I’ve found that keeping your face and eyes moist can help maintain your health while you travel.”


“What’s less surprising is that airline food can be unhealthy. When you travel, your body can get stressed. How you eat can help or harm that situation — and eating precooked, reheated food rarely helps matters. I always try to eat before or after a flight. And if I must eat on a plane, I limit myself to fruit or salad, fish (for protein), and rice.”