Stories to read and listen to this weekend

• In the Longform podcast this week, New Yorker staff writer Kathryn Schulz—yes, the one who penned “The Really Big One” and took home a Pulitzer—talks about how she came upon the Cascadia subduction zone and why she didn’t quite register the impact of her story until it was published. “I didn’t realize I was writing a scary story,” she says. — Pavithra Mohan, “Longform Podcast #199: Kathryn Schulz”

• This is a beautiful, nuanced story about Syrian families who have begun new lives in Canada, and the Canadians who helped them do it. — Rose Pastore, “Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: Welcome”

• A great read about how “memoir” hurt an investigative journalist’s North Korean exposé. — Nikita Richardson,  “The Reluctant Memoirist” 

• A really funny read on bands that toured as the Zombies in America after they broke up. — Nikita Richardson, “The True Story Of The Fake Zombies, The Strangest Con In Rock History”

• Remember writer Michael Herr, who died last week, by reading his epic Esquire piece that eventually became “Dispatches,” his now-classic war book. — Jeff Beer, “Hell Sucks”

• While you’re launching bottle rockets into your neighbors yard this Fourth, NASA will be landing a spacecraft on Jupiter. —Eric Alt, “A Planet On Steroids”: Your Guide To NASA’s Rendezvous With Jupiter”

[Image: Library of Congress]MB