(Updated) Yes, Uber is down, so you’ll need to find another way home

Update: As of 11pm ET/ 8pm PT Uber appears to working again in some areas.

The Uber app appears to be down across the United States. The app hasn’t loaded for us in both San Francisco and New York, and users across the U.S. have reported having issues catching ride tonight using the service.

The outage appeared to start around 9pm ET/ 6pm PT and is still going on. The outage follows other app issues the company had earlier in the day.

One Lyft driver in New York, where the service appears to be working, commented to us that he typically sees more business from Uber, but tonight has been a strong  Lyft night. 

 Too bad it’s not Friday, so Lyft could be sending the Ecto-1 to the rescue for stranded riders.EP