Here is the Chipotle CEO’s memo about the indictment of exec Mark Crumpacker in a drug bust

The following memo was sent out by CEO Monty Moran in the wake of the Manhattan District Attorney’s indictment of Mark Crumpacker in a massive crackdown on cocaine buyers in the city’s Lower East Side:

To: All Chipotle Email Users

Subject: Mark Crumpacker

Hi Everybody:

As you may have heard, Mark Crumpacker is apparently under investigation for one or more misdemeanor offenses, and he has been placed on administrative leave from Chipotle while this matter is being investigated. Mark is a valuable member of our leadership team, but we have very strong teams in marketing and development who will oversee his responsibilities while this situation is sorted out. Our Executive Director of Development, Carolyn Roberts will oversee development activities, and our Director of Brand Marketing, Mark Shambura, will oversee marketing. We made the decision to place Mark on administrative leave, because we believe that it is important for all of us at Chipotle to remain focused on our business without unnecessary distraction, and to allow Mark to focus on these personal matters.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding this unfortunate situation. If media contact you regarding this matter, please do not speak to them, but instead direct them to Chris Arnold.

Thank you very all very much,


Steve & Monty

Monty Moran | Co-Chief Executive Officer

Chipotle Mexican Grill