The best stories so far from the #SFHomelessProject

Journalists aren’t known for their commitment to collaboration. But in recent months, rival local news outlets in San Francisco have formed a pact to make the issue of homelessness front page news. 

At the Commonwealth Club last night, I attended a talk in which the editors from San Francisco Magazine, Mother Jones, San Francisco Chronicle and KQED spoke about the implications of the project, namely that policymakers would take a stand. Clara Jeffrey from Mother Jones asked: “Will enough coverage be enough to jar people out of apathy?”

All the stories can be tracked with the hashtag #SFHomelessProject. Here are some of the highlights so far: 

* Data and graphics: Mother Jones’ graphics-heavy story to explain the causes of the homeless crisis in San Francisco in seven charts. 

* Photojournalism: This series from California Sunday chronicles the experiences of those who are young and homeless. 

* Analysis: Veteran writer Kevin Fagan delves into a solution to this crisis: supportive housing. 

* Interactive: BuzzFeed produced an interactive tool to expose readers to the hard choices that a homeless family makes on a daily basis. 

* Radio: What is it like to grow up homeless? Tune in to this important story from Youth Radio on the grim reality of being a homeless teen.