Source: Trump campaign fired its latest digital guru after he leaked news of his hiring [UPDATED]

As if the Trump campaign couldn’t get any weirder, it apparently hired, then fired, a top-level digital operative in the last few days, a well-placed source tells Fast Company

Earlier this week, the campaign hired Vincent Harris (Harris Media), who was chief digital officer for Rand Paul’s presidential bid and for Sen. Mitch McConnell’s 2014 reelection campaign, reported Politico. A Breitbart story the next day quoted Trump aides saying Harris had done contract work, but was never hired. 

Now Fast Company has learned that Harris was dismissed by the Trump campaign after leaking to Politico that he was working for the campaign. Oops.

Why does this matter? The Trump campaign has almost completely shunned the technology practices used in modern political campaigns, relying on non-paid mass media coverage to reach voters. And contrary to a popular narrative, there’s not much evidence that that has changed at all as the general election looms.

Harris and a spokesperson for the Trump campaign did not reply to requests for comment.

UPDATE at 7:30PM EST: Harris is tweeting his response to the claims: