On tech, is Elizabeth Warren the bad cop to Hillary Clinton’s good cop?

It’s like a buddy cop drama in three acts:

• On Monday, the progressive U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on stage with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Known for her tough words for Donald Trump and Wall Street, Warren is widely expected to play the role of the campaign’s attack dog.

• On Tuesday, Clinton unveiled her “Tech and Innovation Initiative,” which was described by some as a “love letter to Silicon Valley” with a list of goals that included fighting for net neutrality, expanding broadband access, and providing federal dollars for a “civic Internet of Things.”

• On Wednesday, Warren gave the keynote at New America’s Open Markets Program, and lashed out at tech giants for using their platforms to “snuff out competition.” She specifically called out Apple, Amazon, and Google.

[Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images]MB