Is Instagram losing ground to Snapchat? (Hint: yes) 

Why? Like parent company Facebook, Instagram has seen a decrease in how much users are sharing on the platform, The Information reports. One reason for the drop is that as businesses and brands have overtaken Instagram, people (like myself) are scrolling through their feed daily to see content from influencers—but aren’t necessarily posting to Instagram themselves. 

This is of course why Instagram opted for an algorithmic feed recently—to prioritize posts by friends rather than brands, in an effort to stir users to action—and why the company will likely continue to take cues from Facebook. From The Information

Instagram recently has considered releasing new products to promote sharing and engagement, such as live video, 360-degree video and resharing images, said several people briefed on those plans. It’s unclear whether those features will be released, but they would represent significant changes for an app reticent to make big product changes.

Creating an Instagram post takes time. Snapchat makes it easy to take and send photos to friends—there’s no expectation that your Snaps should be beautifully composed. 

Read more over at The Information, and learn more about how Instagram has evolved as a business platform. PM