3 pieces of advice on how to fund a startup if you’re not a white guy

White guys slumming it in hoodies and backwards baseball caps seem to have no problem getting money for their ventures. But what about everyone else? Here’s some advice for non-white guys on how to get money for your startup from some of the experts who spoke at the Tech Inclusion Conference in New York today. 

• “Build a network” — Steven Kuyan, Managing Director of incubators and entrepreneurship at NYU Polytechnic. 

Go to events. Meet new people. Make friends. You never know who you know that might know someone who can give you money.  

• “Find that commonality” — Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder and CEO Pipeline Angels. 

While you and most venture capitalists may come from completely different worlds, do the work to find out what similarities you do have. “Did you play the same sport? Did you go to the same school?,” says Noguera. 

• “Be creative and leverage more than you have” — Chike Ukaegbu, lead executive at Startup52.

Ukaegbu says that while bootstrapping his accelerator he’s struck up deals with other startups and companies to help get by. For instance, you could leverage a deal for work space in exchange for a service.