Boris Johnson abandons plans to become Britain’s new PM 

The contest on who will succeed David Cameron, who resigned after the Brexit vote, has taken on the drama of an ancient Roman political struggle:

• Yesterday an email was leaked by the wife of prominent Leave campaigner Michael Gove, revealing that Rupert Murdoch wasn’t excited about the possibility of Boris Johnson becoming the new prime minister.

• The email from Gove’s wife told Gove to hold out his support for Johnson until Johnson offered him a high-level position in the new government.

• In a shock to everyone today, Gove announced he would run to replace Cameron as prime minister, setting himself as the main challenger to Boris Johnson’s campaign to be the new prime minister. This was a unexpected to say the least considering the two campaigned heavily together for a Brexit.

• To top things off, after Gove announced his bid, Johnson surprised everyone by announcing he will not run for prime minister any longer (which is why most people assumed he backed Leave—so if Leave won, he could become PM).

[Photo: Andrew Parsons/ i-Images]MG