The first iPhone went on sale nine years ago today

On June 29, 2007, from dawn onwards, I spent my day waiting in line to buy an iPhone—the very first one, on its launch day. (I did my waiting at two different San Francisco Apple Stores, actually, as a reporter for PC World magazine, along with much of the rest of the staff.)

At the downtown flagship store, the line stretched for blocks and some people came in costume. Once I finally got inside, I was vigorously applauded by a phalanx of Apple employees for the impressive accomplishment of purchasing a phone.  It was an other-worldly experience.

These days, I tend to buy my phones online and have them delivered to my door. It’s very convenient. But I’m glad I got to experience the frenzy on iPhone Day One, and I’m not sure if any future consumer product debut will match it.

Here are a few photos I snapped as I experienced it all: