No, Apple won’t start building iPhone cameras that shut down at concerts!

An Apple patent appeared today describing camera tech that would allow a concert venue, for example, to emit an infrared ray that would shut down your iPhone camera and prevent you from recording the concert. This technology will never end up in a real Apple product.

In case you haven’t noticed, Apple fights pretty hard to protect the iPhone user experience on many different fronts. Tim Cook went to the mat this year to protect iPhone user data from government surveillance. And Apple has launched many apps and services that don’t make much money, but make the iPhone experience more enjoyable.

The last thing Tim Cook and company want to do is start adding phone features that restrict usage. Even if shooting images of concerts and other events violates some policy, how is it Apple‘s job to stop it? And just think of the kaleidoscope of possible misuses of the technology. Maybe the police will wear infrared-emitting devices to keep citizens from recording their activities. 

Won’t happen. So don’t worry about it. MS