What’s new in Windows 10’s big update, arriving August 2?

One year after Microsoft shipped Windows 10, it will release the operating system’s first major revision. That explains its name: Windows 10 Anniversary Update. And here are some of its highlights:

Security. Windows Defender will get new scans and notifications; the Windows Hello biometric login feature will work in apps and on websites; Windows Defender Advanced Threat will offer features aimed at business.

Ink. Devices with pen input, such as Microsoft’s own Surface, will get more capabilities, such as a sticky-note feature.

Cortana. Microsoft’s voice assistant will be usable on a PC’s lock screen and will keep track of additional sorts of knowledge, such as your frequent-flyer miles.

Edge. The successor to Internet Explorer will wring 3X the life out of a battery when watching a movie compared to Chrome, Microsoft says, and will introduce extensions from Amazon, Pinterest, and others.

Gaming. The update will add “Play Anywhere,” Microsoft’s cross-platform system for buying a game once and playing it on both Windows devices and present and future Xbox consoles.

Education. Schools will get a feature that lets them set up PCs for shared use in three steps, and one for administering tests.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be free for users who have Windows 10 installed; Microsoft has been offering Windows 10 itself as a free download, but has said that it will end that freebie offer after July 29.HM