Hillary Clinton wants every American to have broadband by 2020

She’s already the darling of Silicon Valley (not counting Peter Thiel and a few others) when it comes to campaign contributions and now Hillary Clinton is blowing kisses back to the tech sector. She’s speaking in Los Angeles this afternoon at a live town hall with 100 online content creators and digital influencers and her just-released “Initiative on Technology and Innovation” is a veritable love letter to the Valley

Among her priorities, she wants to:

• Enforce and go to court if necessary to defend net neutrality

• Bring broadband to all U.S. households by 2020.

• Create a high-level panel to study the sharing economy

• Appoint an innovation adviser to help startups

• Use federal funds to invest in a “civic Internet of Things” to address issues like traffic and health.

• Expand the FCC’s Lifeline service, which subsidizes broadband for the poor (which has been mocked by some Republicans as the “Obamaphone” program) MB