This is what the city of the future may look like, according to Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs wants to modernize parking and shift some public transit spending to Uber-style ride-hailing services, The Guardian reports. The newspaper obtained documents from Columbus, Ohio, which is considering doing a pilot project with the company. Among the proposals:

 • Using data Google Street View-style cars equipped with cameras to read parking signs and meter data, finding empty spaces where cars could be guided

 • Letting some low-income residents use transit subsidies on ride-hailing services as well as buses, and providing more detail on various options—including transit, ride-hailing, Zipcar, and bike shares—through Google Maps

• Adjusting the price of public parking, and potentially temporarily renting spaces from private lot owners, in accordance with demand—essentially surge pricing for parking

• Algorithmically generating optimal routes for parking enforcement to maximize revenue for the city (and, presumably, maximize the amount parking miscreants pay in tickets)SM