Doppler’s Here One wireless buds are an in-ear computing platform

Doppler Labs’ first product was a pair of high-tech earplugs. Then it went to Coachella to introduce Here Active Listening—wireless earbuds which let you tweak real-world sounds in a way that Fast Company contributor Sheila Marikar described as “augmented reality for your ears.”

The company is now taking pre-orders for its next product, which it plans to ship in November. The $299 Here One builds on Here Active Listening by allowing you to adjust how live music sounds and erase background distractions. It also lets you stream wireless audio from a smartphone, and even listen to streamed music without blocking out the sounds around you.

Doppler is positioning Here One as a smart way to interact with AI services such as Siri and Google Assistant. Over time, it also aspires to build a computing platform of its own. Long-term, that could make it less of a competitor to garden-variety headphones—including other wireless buds—and more of a discreet alternative to smart watches and Google Glass-style goggles.