Women might be the biggest losers of Brexit

The EU has been a “progressive, stabilizing” force for women, says Slate‘s Christina Cauterucci, pushing the U.K. towards better legislation for women.  After Brexit, it’s possible that U.K. women will begin to fall behind. She lays out several ways that the U.K. was nudged forward on women’s issues. 

• It made the U.K. comply with more stringent laws about equal pay for work with equal value.

• It forced the U.K. to extend parental leave to all working mothers (and fathers), not just those who who were full-time, directly employed workers. 

• It enforced higher standards for legislation against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Of course, there are also many migrant women in the U.K. who left their home countries to escape gender-based violence or to find work. Their futures now look far less stable. ES