Facebook mysteriously updates Parse, the soon-to-be-axed developer platform

Earlier this year Facebook announced plans to shut down Parse, its developer platform that it had acquired in 2013. This caused some to wonder why, as it was an important tool for many mobile developers.

Today it seems Facebook has updated the Parse interface, given it a new logo, and even added the “beta” tag to it. The anonymous Capitol Hill messaging app Cloakroom sent us screenshots of the updated platform, which it says changed today. Parse does still say that the “Parse hosted service will be retired on January 28, 2017.” 

UPDATE: According to another mobile developer, this beta version has been available since before the announced shutting down. Why it switched over today for some developers remains unclear.

We reached out to Facebook. A spokesperson provided us with this statement:

“Nothing has changed with the interface, and this is not new. The beta dashboard requires a developer to “opt-in” in order to access it, and has been available since before the announcement.”