Facebook Live broadcasts of the Democratic sit-in drew 3 million views

Mark Zuckerberg disclosed the metric in a post today, in which he touted Facebook Live as “unfiltered and real” and said it was “bringing us moments we wouldn’t see otherwise.” As if Zuck needed another opportunity to rave about Facebook Live: 

Something interesting is happening with Facebook Live that’s bringing more openness to the political process.

Last night Members of the US Congress held a sit-in to demand action on gun violence. The House went into recess, their cameras were turned off and people could no longer see the sit-in. That’s when 19 Members of Congress decided to go Live on Facebook and share what they were doing directly with citizens. As of 10am ET, those broadcasts have been watched more than 3 million times — and that number is still growing. TV networks like C-SPAN have even broadcast Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s live feed because they couldn’t get a live feed of their own.

Live is unfiltered and real. It’s a way to share anything you want with the world using just your phone. And it’s bringing us moments we wouldn’t see otherwise — from birthday parties to locker room celebrations to late-night sessions in the United States Capitol.

Granted, it’s not entirely true that Facebook Live is offering a unique service—but Zuck is right in that no other live streaming platform can replicate its scale and reach. Check out his post for a list of Facebook Live broadcasts from members of Congress. PM