President Obama might be the next health-tech venture capitalist 

Photo: Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon

What’s next for President Obama after eight grueling years at the White House? Well, it might be a lucrative career in venture capital. 

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, the president spoke about his interest in “precision medicine,” or genetics, which has the potential to transform how we treat cancer and other diseases. And he suggested that an investing role in Silicon Valley would bring together his interests in science and management. 

From the interview, after being asked about the industries he’d consider going into: 

Well, you know, it’s hard to say. But what I will say is that—just to bring things full circle about innovation—the conversations I have with Silicon Valley and with venture capital pull together my interests in science and organization in a way I find really satisfying. You know, you think about something like precision medicine: the work we’ve done to try to build off of breakthroughs in the human genome; the fact that now you can have your personal genome mapped for a thousand bucks instead of $100,000; and the potential for us to identify what your tendencies are, and to sculpt medicines that are uniquely effective for you. That’s just an example of something I can sit and listen and talk to folks for hours about.

Genetics is a big part of my beat, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on you, Mr. President! CF