All of today’s SCOTUS decisions, from immigration to affirmative action

What a day for news! Here’s a quick recap of what the Supreme Court ruled on today: 

• The Supreme Court tied 4-4 on a case that challenged Obama’s plan to shield illegal immigrants from deportation. This means the decision of a lower court holds, thereby blocking hopes of bringing the proposal to fruition—a big blow to the Obama administration. There’s a chance this could change, however, depending on the outcome of the election:

• The Supreme Court ruled 4-3 in favor of affirmative action, on a case that called into question the practices of the University of Texas, which employs a race-based admissions program.

• And in yet another SCOTUS ruling:

Next up on the docket: A key abortion ruling, which would be the court’s most significant one on the issue since the Planned Parenthood case in 1992. PM