Here’s Airbnb’s 3-step anti-racism plan

After a study from Harvard Business School found evidence that Airbnb users discriminate against black people, the company has come under fire for not doing more to twart racism on its platform. It hired Laura Murphy, the former head of the legislative office of the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, to review its practices, and on Wednesday, she outlined a three-step plan in an Afro op-ed:

1. Identify and fix structural problems with the platform (rather than focusing on fixing one-off examples of individual discrimination).

2. Improve processes so it can rapidly identify racial discrimination and deal with these matters quickly and decisively.

3. Build broader and enduring relationships with diverse travel, civil rights, grass roots, small business, social science and educational institutions.

“These steps are just beginning,” Murphy wrote. “Airbnb understands that there’s no single solution to the problem of deeply entrenched biases and discrimination in the travel industry or in our society as a whole.”SK