City mayors across the globe are teaming up to draft regulations for Airbnb and Uber

Sharing economy companies like Uber and Airbnb don’t always get along harmoniously with city residents or elected officials due to how they tend to disrupt some parts of the local economy. That’s no more obvious than right now, as a report from Bloomberg says that city mayors across the globe are teaming up to create a unified rule book to promote clear ground rules for such firms.

The cities banding together include New York City, Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, and Toronto, among others. Their first white paper on the new regulations could be published as soon as October. Announcing the news, Wiley Norvell, spokesman for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s deputy for housing and economic development, said:

“Having the 20 or 30 biggest urban markets of the world all operating under entirely different rules doesn’t do much good for anyone. We want consumers and tourists to have some consistency, city to city, to leverage the size of markets, which together are enormous, so that the voice of cities will actually make an impact.”