On eve of board vote, Peter Thiel praised Facebook for not being like Gawker

All eyes are on Facebook’s annual shareholders meeting today, at which its board members are up for re-election. That includes investor Peter Thiel, whose controversial funding of lawsuits against Gawker has prompted many to call for him to be booted from the board. 

Last week, as noted by TechCrunch, Thiel praised Mark Zuckerberg in a speech at a ceremony given by publisher Axel Springer to give an award to the Facebook CEO. In his remarks, Thiel contrasted Facebook’s focus on “civil discourse” with those online sites that bring “out the worst” in people:

“Facebook has struck a very good balance in respecting privacy, real identify, and creating a civil place where the bulk of discourse is civil, reasonable and [where] people bring out the best in other human beings rather than anonymously bringing out the worst.”