• 06.16.16

Airbnb says complying with San Francisco’s new law is too much work for hosts

A recently passed San Francisco law requries Airbnb to kick hosts in that city off of its website if they do not register with the city.  To register a short-term rental in San Francisco, residents need to file an application with the city in person, pay a $50 fee, and obtain a business license. They can only register one unit, and units that are part of affordable housing programs don’t qualify. Airbnb has called this process “incredibly difficult for regular people to follow” and proposed a list of updates:

-Creating a one-stop, online permit application process

-Creating a grace period for new hosts to get registered

-Creating flexibility for hosts who rent out their space fewer than 14 nights a year

-Removing the business registration requirement for hosts who use Qualified Website Companies like Airbnb to list their space

-Exempting hosts from the Assessor’s overly confusing business property tax inventory process (requiring a 90+ page manual for hosts to figure out how to comply). This is the same exemption provided to other small properties in San Francisco

According to TechCrunch, only 1,300 of Airbnb’s 7,000 hosts in San Francisco have so far registered with the city.SK