• 06.16.16

5 takeaways from Pew’s 2016 State of the Media report

1. Newspapers continue to lose ad revenue and circulation. The report notes that more than 100 newspapers have shuttered since 2004. Meanwhile, ad revenue for digital properties shot up 20% in 2015.

2. Cable news viewership grew for the first time in three years. Pew attributes the growth in part to the upcoming presidential election. That said, cable news channels continue to increase revenues.

3. Cord cutting is ramping up. More than one in seven Americans have parted ways with their television subscriptions in 2015. Pew notes that this phenomenon is occurring in tandem with a growing ad market for digital video, which could mean bad news for cable news in the long haul.

4. Audiences for online radio and podcasts rose in 2015. Roughly 57% of Americans listen to radio online, a figure that has nearly doubled since 2010. Meanwhile, one-third of Americans say they have listened to a podcast.