• 06.15.16

Reminder: Florida has a terrible track record of LGBT discrimination

While everyone in Florida is rallying to support the LGBT community in light of this week’s shooting, it’s worth remembering that the state has a pretty awful track record of mistreating LGBT people:

In Florida, it was illegal for gay couples to adopt children until last year.

The widely discredited, deeply homophobic, and ethically repugnant practice of “conversion therapy” is still totally legal in Florida.

Survivors of the Orlando massacre who may have been outed in news coverage are protected from being fired as a result within the city of Orlando, but not in most other places in Florida or the U.S.

Florida recently tried and failed to pass a bill that would have given doctors the right to refuse medical treatment to LGBT patients on “religious or moral” grounds. Other states have passed such laws.

Does this piss you off? Let Governor Rick Scott know about it. Here’s his office’s phone number: 850-717-9337. Here’s where you can email him. This is his Twitter handle: @FLGovScott. Here’s where you can donate, volunteer, give blood, and help out in other ways.

And just for good measure, here’s where you can find out how much money your elected representatives have accepted from the NRA, and here’s how you can let them know how you feel about that.