• 06.10.16

Peter Thiel to speak at conference thrown by group tied to white nationalists

The legendary investor, whose bankrolling of lawsuits against Gawker and support for Donald Trump have made headlines, is stirring up controversy yet again. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups,  Thiel is scheduled to speak at the annual meeting of the libertarian Property and Freedom Society group alongside several prominent European white nationalists.

Here are some interesting details about the group and event:

 • Joining Thiel at the conference will be the group’s founder Hans-Hermann Hoppe, an academic who once expressed his wish that towns and villages could “post signs regarding entrance requirements to the town, and once in town for entering specific pieces of property (no beggars or bums or homeless, but also no Moslems, Hindus, Jews, Catholics, etc.); to kick out those who do not fulfill these requirements as trespassers…”

• Also attending will be Sean Gabb, head of the Libertarian Alliance in the UK, who “often writes for the white nationalist website VDARE,” notes the SPLC.

• The group’s 2013 annual meeting included Jared Taylor, who runs the New Century Foundation that hosts an annual “white nationalist” event called the American Renaissance conference, “traditionally the largest annual racist gathering in the U.S.,” says the SPLC.

We reached out to both Hoppe and Thiel to hear more about the organization. You can read more about the white nationalist ties in the SPLC’s blog post.CGW