• 06.10.16

Vodka is most Googled in June

Elit by Stoli has started obsessively tracking Google Trends to see how people are searching for vodka and martinis. World Martini Day happens to be on June 19, but it’s unclear whether the day itself drives interest in martinis or whether the day was invented to make the most of people’s interest in the cocktail. They’ve discovered that:

• Outside of June, we search for vodka most in November and December because of white Russians

• The most Googled Martini recipe is the espresso martini, followed by the French, dry, and Bond martinis

Elit by Stoli has been pretty creative about using these insights. When donuts started trending because of National Donut Day, they put out their own spin on the topic on their social media channels, which ended up being their top performing post ever. It’s an interesting case study about how to capitalize on consumer behavior using free tools. And also shows that these totally made-up celebration days actually have some value to brands.